Welcome to Tank.ly! The game, where you can play tanks and control them with smartphones!

How to play

  1. You need to "host room" on your desktop or laptop. Just find the free room and follow the link "Host this room"
  2. On a game field you will see "QR" button. Click on it to show QR
  3. Read the QR code with your phone or tablet
  4. In case if you don't have QA reader, you can directly follow the link from this page in your room
  5. Put your phone horizontally, so controllers will look like circles
  6. You can hold your left hand on move controller and just drag your finger across the area
  7. More participants - more fun



Contact me via email eagleeyes91@gmail.com or open issue or pull-request on Github in case if you have an ideas or maybe even possibilities to improve this project)

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